Pomona High School class of 96 entreprenuer

IndieGoGoCheck it out. Eric Schell (PHS ’96) has recently launched IndieGoGo.com, an “online social marketplace connecting filmmakers and fans to make independent film happen”. Eric and I played on the golf team back in the day. Since then Eric has been roaming the world and now has settled down (sort of) in Berekely and founded a company with two other friends. Most recently they were featured on TheAlarmClock, and Eric’s partner, Slava gave a great interview.

Parenting Lessons: Point it down

We were encouraged by some friends to share some of the “lessons” learned as first time parents.  I’ll have to kick off this series with a comical lesson regarding changing diapers. 

The first few days we kept noticing Campbell was leaking through the diaper.  We double checked the fit making sure each time it was snug yet the pee kept getting out … fortunately, his doctor was in the room when a diaper change was in progress.  Lesson:  point his “unit” down.  If it’s upward it doesn’t matter how snug the diaper is, the pee will get on his shirt. 

Result: no more pee on the shirts.  Hurray!

In efforts to learn from others I found a nice tutorial on changing diapers in the sky.  I hope you enjoy: 


Double Feature Weekend: Juno and There Will Be Blood

By no means am a movie buff, geek, dweeb, or nerd. Often times I’ll sit in a conversation when others are talking movies and just nod my head and chime in with the occasional chuckle. And it’s not that I don’t like movies, I just am not motivated to go see a “blockbuster” in the theater and by the time it comes to DVD I forgot I wanted to see it. That being said, once in a while I get into a movie kick … and that happened this weekend.

Kelly and I went with some friends on Friday night to There Will Be Blood. To be honest, I had not heard of the movie until 90 minutes before the show began so to say the least I was not ready for what was ahead. I’ve inserted the trailer below if you too have not heard of it:

I walked out a bit shocked. It was an excellent film but please do not go in thinking it’s action packed. As we walked out, I heard many mumble “that was slow” and “did anyone talk in first 25 minutes?” with a few “too long” sprinkled about. Take all those comments with a grain of salt. The acting was spectacular and the storyline amazing (note: the movie is based on Upton Sinclair‘s novel, Oil!.

Now onto Juno. Sunday afternoon we decided to catch another movie — after all, 2 movies in one weekend is very rare and in this case a great choice. Juno was a wonderful film that made me laugh, made me uncomfortable and made me laugh again. A great flick, and considering Campbell is due Feb 4th, the whole pregnancy thing was very timely. Oh yea, Jason Bateman was in the film. I had flashbacks to Teen Wolf 2. Yes I said that!