New Videos are up: The Big Cry & Granny Franny Call

We took a video on our camera in “email” mode so we could load it up on YouTube. To say the least the “high speed” internet access is a bit more like the 405 at 5pm on a Friday. Hope you enjoy. You will get to see a nice cry from Campbell and a few dorky comments from his parents.

Also, we set up a “channel” where we’ll put other videos once we get home. It can be found here:

A Few More Pictures of Campbell

We’ve uploaded a few new pictures and I’m sure one of these nights in the midst of a midnight feeding I’ll create a video montage. In the meantime, I’ll continue just to upload picts to our flickr account which can be viewed on McFaddenplace or on Flickr (we’ve listed both because there have been some formatting issues in some browsers with the McFaddenplace albums).
Here are a few samples:

Campbell’s Big Burp


Resting Well

Campbell profile

McFadden finally wins the Heisman (sorry Darren)

The Heisman

Kel give Campbell some motherly love


Want to Boost Your Writing Productivity? Have a Baby!

Great blog post found on; for obvious reasons this resonates with me!

“So, if you want to really take your writing volume to a new level, get into your zone and give yourself a real deadline (like the baby waking up from a nap). Of course, it’s not necessary to actually have a new baby in the house, but sometimes the things we see as writing obstacles turn out to be blessings (in more ways than one).”

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