Visited Denver Community Church

On Sunday, Kelly, Campbell and I visited Denver Community Church. It’s located in west Washington Park — less than a 10 minute drive from my dad’s house.  We enjoyed the service and met several people after the 11am service.  Campbell seemed to have a great time in the nursery too.  For more info check out:

Denver Community Church

Our Mission
To Live As A Community Who Follows Jesus, Journeys Together, And Demonstrates God’s Love To All People.

Our Vision
Denver Community Church Is A Holistic, Christian, Missional Community.

The good news of Jesus announces redemption for all parts of life. We experience redemption in our relationships with God, self, one another, and the earth. We understand that our mind, body and soul are intertwined. We will live out the continual transformation and wholeness that we have been given by the free gift of Jesus.

We embrace the whole Church with all of its triumphs and failures recognizing our connectedness to a vast community of people. We will be rooted in the ancient, grow in the present and point toward the hope of our future. We will do this as we live in community, expressing God’s intention for all humanity to live in authentic relationships.

The Church is the visible expression of Jesus in our world. We are never to sound retreat or withdraw from our culture. Rather, we are called to bring to peace of God that we have been given to the world. We will join with God in serving the poor, lifting up the oppressed, fighting injustice and bringing the love of Jesus to all people.

Tennyson McCarty: A great friend remembered

Friday night we got a call. Tennyson was found dead. I didn’t believe it. They must have the wrong ID; no way could this be true. I called the Boulder Police station and they told me they’d have the coroner’s office call me back. That night, well after 10pm PST, I got the call I didn’t want. Confirmation that Tennyson was indeed found. We all lost a great friend in Tennyson. A man that saw the best in everyone. His loving heart, his humble nature, his wonderful spirit — all wrapped up in a memory now. It’s been a few days now and I’m still processing the news. Kelly and I are both just shocked. Floods of memories have occupied our minds. It was like yesterday that we were in Dal Ward getting ready for a FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) meeting. Or watching Tennyson’s latest magic trick.

Tennyson McCarty

I most recently ran into Tennyson at John Wayne Airport just under a year ago. He was heading back to Denver after one of their shows. Tennyson and his ministry partner, Jim Munroe have been touring around the country drawing crowds and then sharing about the good news. Although I never saw them live, their ministry “What is the Maze” seemed to reach many. There was even an unofficial site called MazeImpact ( and they had a good following on Facebook. The Facebook group just posted this:

10-20 ~ Today we announce the saddest news. A Brother, Friend, Mentor, Minister, and Amazing Man of God… has left us to be with the Lord. Tennyson McCarty was found in Peaceful Valley, CO yesterday afternoon. It is hard to comprehend that he has truly left us. The Lord has a purpose and plan for all things and we will continue to trust and believe him for his grace, peace, & power. Tennyson’s Legacy will not pass so easily, Countless lives have been touched and many have come to Follow God through Tennyson’s impact on the World. Please be praying for his Family and for MAZE. We Love you Tennyson!

We miss Tennyson greatly. I’m sure we’ll be posting more in the weeks to come. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family and friends of the McCarty’s.

Your loving friends,
Michael and Kelly

PS I’ve been bookmarking stories on Tennyson. If you’d like to read more just go to

Why would I stray from knowledge?

It’s not like anyone would try to stray from knowledge, but it’s strange how quickly we can slip and find ourselves in a mess. I’m reminded about this often when I read the news. Each time I hear the heart-felt, yet cliche, testimony from a family member “they would never do this” or “I can’t believe it” I am reminded of the ancient proverbial couplet:

Cease to hear instruction, my son,
and you will stray from the words of knowledge.

Proverbs 19:27

It’s not like anyone really tries to stray, rather it’s the consequence of failing to listen to instruction and wisdom. Unfortunately, this reminder was very personal tonight as I learned my youngest brother was arrested again. He’s been battling several years of poor choices and the consequences they involve; and just when it appeared there was some sunshine on the horizon the rains came down. We can only hope he changes this time. Meanwhile, I am awakened to the importance of seeking and listening to instruction.

Our thoughts and prayers are with my little brother tonight.

Romans Study

Below are the beginnings of my notes on a 6 week Romans Study. More content coming.
A 6 part study on the Book of Romans

I. The Foundations of a Christian’s Faith

  • Reading: Romans 1:1-17; for a PDF with these verses in the NIV, NASB, and NLT click here
  • Research: Listen to Tom Nelson’s sermon on Romans 1:1-7 – Faith’s Foundations – recorded 10/08/2006. Click here and download.
  • Questions

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A lesson from Bobby Knight?

So I can’t say I’ve learned much from Bobby Knight, although one of my favorite moments in junior basketall can be attributed to him. My coach in 7th grade threw a chair across the court and was ejected – shocking but brilliant. I’m sure Coach Knight was a postitive influence to many players, fans, coaches, etc. I just wasn’t following close enough attention. That being said, today I read a note from Mark Cuban’s blog that is quite profound:

But thats not really what I appreciate most about you (referring to the NCAA win record).

When I was at Indiana you were on 60 Minutes. In your interview you said one single thing that I took to heart. I reminded myself of it while it was in school at Indiana. I reminded myself of it when I failed. I reminded myself of it before any of the many businesses I have started I will continue to remind myself before any of my endeavors going forward. Its also the best advice I’ve been able to give people of any age who ask me for advice.

Its also the characteristic I look for when choosing a partner or hiring. I saw it in Avery Johnson. Ive seen it in Phil Garvin. It was obvious in Todd Wagner and Martin Woodall and many, many others that have put me in a position to succeed.

You said, and Im paraphrasing: “Everyone has got the will to win, its only those with the will to prepare that do win”

Words for every athlete and those of us who partake in the Sport of Business to live by

Thanks Coach.

Mark Cuban’s Post

I need to write it out myself: Everyone has the will to win, it’s only those with the will to prepare that do win.