Welcome to McFadden Place

    A little about us:

    • Met in Boulder at the University of Colorado (friends for 5 years before we dated)
    • Dated for 6 months, got engaged and was married within the year
    • Married in Jan 2004
    • Kelly is currently working for Mariners Church as the Director of Serve (overseeing volunteerism)
    • Mike is the co-founder of The Society, a luxury travel and leisure company. He founded it with a fellow Oxonian and Said Business School graduate, Scott Berkley. They got going in late 2006. The two them, along with their investors, programming team, and affiliate partners are working around the clock to provide the must trusted luxury community.

    Contact via email:

    mike [at] mcfaddenplace.com
    kelly [at] mcfaddenplace.com

    Mike’s LinkedIn profile:

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    Below is a picture of Mike and Kelly in Santa Barbara taken in Jan 2004 after a long bike ride that ended at the pier (near state street).

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