Last year I didn’t renew my hosting and I lost 4 years of posts.  I have drafts of several of them on Evernote but not all the final versions.  I’ve been bummed.  I’ve wanted to write some more but I kept thinking about the posts I lost.  It’s time to stop thinking about all the lost information and start writing again.

When we started a blog/website it was primarily used to update our friends and family before we went to Oxford.  As time went on I used it to write about things I was learning as well as update our friends and family.

Now with Facebook and Twitter I don’t see the need to post as many updates on a blog.

I do have a desire to write more around my personal journey / experience around studying productivity and focus.   I’ve bought a domain called FocusMonk where I plan on writing more about those topics.

To be continued ….

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