The Next Generation of McFadden Bloggers

(Translated by mom, for Campbell)

Campbell Blogging

Today was my 15 month well baby appointment.  I weighed in at 24 pounds 2 ounces and am 33 inches tall.  That puts me in the 93rd  percentile for height and 44th percentile for weight.  Dad says if I keep up at this rate I may be 6’6 and a buck 45.

3 thoughts on “The Next Generation of McFadden Bloggers

  1. I just saw that link to this through facebook. I can’t believe how big Campbell is, or how cute he is! Hope you all are doing well!

  2. …and take a look at that hair coming in. so soft. a buck 45 and 6’6”! you make me laugh, michael. thanks for passing on your humor. sometimes i miss you.

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