Tim Keller Part 2: Marriage Sermon

As I mentioned in my previous post, I listened to one of Keller’s marriage sermons 3 times in 2 weeks.  It’s a powerful message.  I’ve uploaded it so you can listen to it (link below).  This is only one in the series of 9.  You can purchase the entire series at Redeemer’s online sermon store for $22.50 (all 9 sermons in mp3 format).

I chose to share some quotes which are obviously out of context … so listen to the message to get the full understanding of each quote

“…(many things) cloud our understanding of marriage.”
“Marriage is not something that man made up in a cave.”
“Self-centerednes is the main problem in any marriage.  Self centeredness is the main enemy of any marriage …  self centeredness is the main cancer in any marriage.”
“You can decide to treat your own flaws as more serious than the others and treat the needs of the other as more important … Regardless of what the other person does.”
“You can say ‘I’m going to work on my self-centeredness’ regardless of what the other person does”
“Essence of marriage is a promise.  10 years from now I’ll be there.  20 years from now I’ll be there.  It’s a promise.”
“The purpose of marriage is companionship.”
“No one else is more important than that relationship (with your spouse)”
“Marriage has to be #1”
“Whether you’re married or not .. we see that it’s our pride and self centeredness which can only be dealt with the gospel.  And the gospel is ‘you are more wicked than you ever dared believe and more loved than ever dared hope.’  It does the 1-2 on your ego.”

Ok.  I’m going to upload the 2nd message too because it’s that good.  If you like both then download the entire series at http://sermons.redeemer.com/store/index.cfm?product=18279.

3 thoughts on “Tim Keller Part 2: Marriage Sermon

  1. Mike! The messages were great! It really breaks it down to the basis of marriage and the relationship between husband and wife. I will definitely have my husband listen to them. Working on applying these very simple but also difficult principles is a lifelong trip to a happy convenant. Thanks for posting!

  2. selfishness and selfcenteredness, that we think is the root of our problem. that’s a quote from another book regarding how important is it! the ‘it’ being me. keller has a great way of saying, ‘hey, folks, it’s not them.’ old adage with new words, ‘and, let it begin with me.’ keller has broke open my heart to another possibility: change.

    thanks for your post, michael.

    another reminder from his sermon: the furious love of Jesus is, my actions do not lie. i’m a great talker …what am I doing. how did the painting come out!!

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