Girl Perfect Book Review

Kelly’s first cousin, Jennifer Strickland (Porter), will have her first book ready for purchase this September. Kelly had the opportunity to read it before it was out. Her official review:

“This is honestly one of the best, most heartfelt, most compelling,
pure and truthful books I have read. I have no doubt that Jen’s dream
will come true of being able to reach out to young women everywhere
with the love of Christ through her life story. Hold onto your hats!
You cannot read Girl Perfect without looking deeper into your relationship with the Maker!”

— Kelly Marie McFadden, writer and developer, HomeWord

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What some others have said:

“Jennifer writes with a raw honesty about her journey in a world where
your value is determined by your appearance. The girl in the picture
was beautiful, but her depleted, hollow soul was the price. Deep into
her spiral, sitting at a table, she whispers the word ‘God’ and is
introduced to the One who could love her deeply and free her from
‘perfect.’ Few will ever live in the world she did, but many need to
hear her message of the tragedy of getting caught up in a pursuit of
externals and missing where true life, joy, and passion really lie.”

— Nancy Ortberg, Former Teaching Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

I wish every young woman could read Girl Perfect to
help them be very careful what they dream for. And every mature woman
who reads it will surely be encouraged to be satisfied with who they
are and how they look. You or someone you know needs to not just read
this book, but to truly take it into your heart and spirit. I pray it
will illuminate truths you have never seen before.”

— Stephen Arterburn, Founder and Chairman, New Life Ministries

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